B2B Marketing Strategy

Austin Lawrence marketing strategy stamford CTHow far do you want to go?  To profit?  To make a name for yourself?

Put our team on your side and you’ll get there; faster, more profitably and more efficiently.  We contribute meaningfully at all points of the company and marketing lifecycle, from pre-launch to relaunch or repositioning.

B2B Company and Product Launch. 

We’ve refined our launch playbook to a science.  We’ll work with you to design and execute the optimal plan including positioning, messaging, public relations, events, Website and lead generation.  From enterprise software to web- or app-based business, you’ll find a strong partner here as you plan and implement your big day and plan for mind-boggling growth – at the expense of competitors or by staking out a green field.

Go-to-Market Strategy for B2B.

Sometimes you need to find a better market to attack, and for the life of you, you can’t see it.  That’s when we bring our go-to- market specialists to the party.  We’ve worked with hardware vendors where a vertical market focus made the difference in achieving market acceptance.  And with software and telecom providers where the company and product attributes needed to be made more tangible to beat entrenched competitors.  Whether you’re too focused – or not focused enough, our team can help you find a path too success – and fill your pipeline with a steady flow of qualified leads.

Repositioning of B2B Services and Product Marketers. 

When you’ve hit a wall, it’s do or die.  That’s when you need to retrench and figure out what your assets are as well as what’s holding you back.  And you can’t always trust your instincts or instruments (feedback from sales).  Starting out with interviewing your customers, prospects and lost opportunities, and if need be a larger survey or census of your market, we can help you get back on track.  Marry these insights with your competitive advantages and product development pipeline and you’re on your way to newfound success.  Then… it’s back to launch time.

Positioning and Messaging Strategy for B2B. 

We develop messaging strategies for companies, brands, vertical markets and products.  All too often clear benefits are hidden behind jargon or needlessly deep detail.  The best messaging can be instantly understood by management and believed by subject matter experts; there’s no room for naïveté, yet you need to make it digestible.  Three or four key messages and an elevator pitch form the foundation of messaging at ALG: we get right to the point so you can out-communicate your competitors.

Brand Translation for UK and European Brands Targeting the U.S. Market.

Coming here from “across the pond?”  We’ve helped major UK telecoms and software companies to tailor their marketing, messages and go-to-market strategies for the US market, and as well, US firms to make the leap to the UK.  There’s more to it than spelling changes; cultural norms and market expectations differ dramatically.  We’ll help you chart a success.

Outsource CMO for Technology and Services Marketers.

We place top flight marketing executives with startups and more mature companies to help achieve objectives when the need is urgent and steady hands are required.